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You may already have some beautiful marketing flyers and brochures but want to advertise using your current style. AD Graphic Art can assist you with researching your target market to find the best catalogs and tradeshows to advertise in and can quote various layouts from a 1/4 pg. black and white advertisement to a 3x10 ft. banner. The return on investment can be huge. Especially, when your potential client is walking through a trade show and sees your name in big letters. They'll instantly know you exist. It gets you on the map.

Ask about social media and banner advertising through relative non-profits. Often times you can kill two birds with one stone by supporting a non-profit and getting your name on the map. Your client will appreciate seeing you're doing something good for the community and it will help drive traffic to your website. Let AD Graphic Art do the research for you and explore the ideas of how you can expand your outreach most cost effectively. AD Graphic Art actively volunteers at many non-profits already and knows the benefits from advertising via non-profit support personally.

The Impact of Social Media Combined with Non-Profit Support


Advertising with Purpose


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